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Underneath a Stretching Skyline verse #13 : My Twilight's Getting Brighter

Title: My Twilight’s Getting Brighter; verse #13
Author: lauehime
Rating: Mature
Genre/pairing: H/C with lots of luv, humor verging on crack!fic and angst because it’s still me. Gen.
Characters: Sam, Dean, Leviathans
Word count: ~ 4000
Warnings: Some cussing and illegal drug use, displayed as much nonsense and sugar-coated with sparkles and glitters of more nonsense. Also, I don’t mean any offense by any of the words I’ve put in here. They’re only for the purpose of the story.
Summary: Sam gets his hands on some ‘happy pills’. Only, he should never forget that what goes up has got to fall.

Written for spnshannanigans’s prompt on ohsam which is “Sam's memories from hell threaten to overwhelm him every moment of every day.  To calm the storm in his head, he comes to rely on either drugs or alcohol (or both).  Dean allows this to continue (for now anyway) because he doesn't know how to help Sam and he can't stand the screaming.”

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Comfortably Numb, a Supernatural Fic

Title: Comfortably Numb
Author: lauehime
Genre: Gen. Crack! Hurt/Comfort. Schmoop.
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean, Sam.
Word count: ~ 5,500
Warnings: Language as usual. By that, I mean lots of banter and shit jokes. There is legal drug use, too.
Summary: Pre-series. Stanford era. Sam has a silly accident and calls Dean for help. Dean gets to be a big brother with everything that the job implies.
Disclaimer: The show belongs to Kripke.
A/N: Here’s a fluffy break from my usual angst!  It’s quite mushy but it’s definitely a feel good… so I guess it’s not such a bad thing, right? Well, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on that! Enjoy!

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Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own, a Supernatural Fic

Title: Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own
Author: lauehime
Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort, family.
Rating: PG
Characters: Dean, Sam.
Word count: ~ 3,600
Warnings: Language as usual.
Summary: Pre-series. Stanford era. Dean has always been good at taking care of Sam. How can he do that if Sam is at Stanford?
Disclaimer: The show belongs to Kripke.
A/N: Written for senberet’s prompt “while Sam's at Stanford, Dean drunk dials him” posted on cowboyguy’s meme. The story grew a life of its own. I hope you like it!
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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), a Supernatural Fic

Title: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Author: lauehime
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, drug use, sexual allusions (nothing graphic) and dark imagery.
Word count: ~ 5,000
Summary: Tag to 5x04 "The End". Dean simply can’t get around the fact that this 2014 version of Castiel could tell right away that he’d been back-to-the-future’d.
A/N: This was written for the summergen 2014 fic exchange. The prompter was angelwolfshadows and the prompt was “It didn't take long for 2014 Cas to figure out that it wasn't the right Dean. What set him off? (Differences between the old and new Dean, what went wrong during these few years, how it could change someone so drastically)
Beta: Thanks to the wonderful jojospn for the amazing beta job! She's the one who made sure of the flow and coherency of the story :) I have played with it a little, though. In that case, all remaining mistakes are my own!


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There Are no Great Redeemers, a Supernatural Fic

Title: There Are no Great Redeemers
Author: lauehime
Genre: Horror, Angst.
Rating: Mature
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word count: ~ 4,800
Warnings: Spoilers for 10x02 and 10x03,[Spoiler for the story]character death, foul language, dark humor and a general sense of doom with a side dish of dark imagery. In other words, this is not a happy story (it’s quite tragic, actually).
Summary: Oneshot. AU after ‘Reichenback’, but includes canon from ‘Soul Survivor’.[Spoiler for S10]Sam is going to save his brother, whatever the cost.
Disclaimer: The show belongs to Kripke.
A/N: I don’t know what got a hold of me to write something like this, but it forced itself out. All I had to do was type. I still can’t bring myself to believe this came out of me.
A/N2: I’ve had this written for a while and I went over it more times than I usually do. At some point, I had to stop being too critical and finally post it. I hope it reflects the effort I put in it. Over all, I hope it’s enjoyable. You’d be kind to let me know! Thank you for your time.
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One Battle at the Time, a Supernatural Fanfiction

Title: One Battle at the Time
Author: lauehime
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Dean, Sam
Word count: Approx. 1300
Warnings: Spoilers for 10x03
Summary:[Spoiler 10x03]Oneshot. Tag to 10x03. Dean’s human again and Sam is drunk.
Disclaimer: The show belongs to Kripke.

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No More Losing the War, a Supernatural Comment Fic

Title: No More Losing the War
Genre/pairing: Crack!fic, Schmoop, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Gen.
Word count: ~ 8,400
Summary: Season 6 AU. After Sam got his soul back, the brothers settled down. Still, old habits die hard and people tend to get suspicious when two attractive men who live together also happen to have strange hobbies.
Warnings: My usual foul mouth, but that’s about it.
A/N: Written for a combination of cowboyguy’s prompt “Sam and Dean settle down, and have a house in a nice, quiet neighborhood. One of their neighbors is over, and when she looks in their pantry for something, finds the stock of salt (because 30 years of hunting habits never go away). Sam quickly makes up a lie that one of Dean's hobbies is pickling cucumbers. So now the neighbor is expecting to try some of these awesome pickles, and Sam forces Dean to learn how to make them” and zana_zira’s “One brother with a severe food allergy and the other one makes dinner and doesn't realize he's put some of that food into the meal.”
This was meant as a comment fic, but I obviously got carried away! This is unbeta’d, but I hope it’s still enjoyable.
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The Kids Are Alright, a Supernatural Fic

Title: The Kids Are Alright
Genre: Angst, Drama, some Hurt/Comfort
Characters: OC narrator, Dean, hints of John and Sam
Word count: Approximately 4,600
Summary: Oneshot. Wee!chesters. Outsider POV. How can life be so cruel to human beings as fragile as kids? It doesn’t happen often, but I know them when I see them. I hadn’t seen one in a while until this Dean Winchester had been moved to my class.

Disclaimer: The show belongs to Kripke.
A/N: My current life activities totally inspired this one. It’s a first try with an OC, outsider POV and young boys. I hope it’s enjoyable still. Sorry for any mistake, this is unbeta’d. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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Underneath a Stretching Skyline, verse #12 : A Thousand Cries Without a Tear

Title: A Thousand Cries Without a Tear
Author: lauehime
Rating: Mature
Genre/pairing: H/C, Family, Angst, Gen
Characters: Sam, Dean, Lucifer
Word count: ~ 8,700
Warnings: Some cussing, alcohol abuse and withdrawal symptoms, moderate to high levels of angst
Summary: Sam cries out for help and Dean is concerned so he decides to help. He just doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into this time.

Written for spnshannanigans’s prompt on ohsam which is “Sam's memories from hell threaten to overwhelm him every moment of every day.  To calm the storm in his head, he comes to rely on either drugs or alcohol (or both).  Dean allows this to continue (for now anyway) because he doesn't know how to help Sam and he can't stand the screaming”

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